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Give your business an Olympic edge

What defines the best employees? Their commitment and motivation. Their energy, work ethic and focus. Their ability to perform individually, and in a team. In short, all the attributes you’ll find in the candidates from our Olympic Athlete Career Program – individuals you can employ.

What’s the Olympic Athlete Career Program?

We developed the program in partnership with the Australian Olympic Committee, with the aim of helping our Olympic athletes maintain an appropriate life balance and make the transition from sport to the workplace.

How does the program work?

Working with the Australian Olympic Committee, we draw on our expertise to connect employers with highly motivated, ready-for-work athletes looking to apply their considerable skills in a professional work environment. We provide:

  • Career training
  • Job placements
  • Associated follow-up support services

Why employ an elite athlete?

Why wouldn’t you? It’s a great way to enrich your workforce. As John Coates AC, President of the Australian Olympic Committee said, “Olympic athletes are high achievers who bring wonderful qualities to the workplace.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by CEO of Adecco Group Australia & New Zealand Neil Jones, who said, “Athletes who excel in their chosen sport need qualities similar to those that support success in business. With the support of our clients, our athletes can live their dreams, not only in the sporting arena, but in their careers.”

Our Olympic Athlete Career Program is just one example of our commitment to the Australian community. Find out more about our CSR program and activities, or contact us to learn more about our Olympic Athlete Program and how your business can get involved.